Among Us is a multiplayer escape game created by the studio Innersloth. You are tasked with locating the impostors, eliminating them, and completing duties throughout the map. And if you play as the impostors, your objective is to undermine the mission by assassinating the crewmates.

You participate in a match with four to 10 other players in this game. In this game, each participant has his or her own unique role. The player could be both a "crewmate" and an "imposter." Cooperating with selected crewmates, you must identify and eliminate imposters. It is fundamentally a survival game among us, and all impostors must be voted out. Then, all crewmembers' jobs are completed. In contrast to the crewmates, the imposter must destroy the crewmates to prevent them from completing their missions. Therefore, being an imponent is exciting for all gamers because you must cheat and murder your opponents. If a player on either team ends the match, the game will likewise come to an end.


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