Ball Tales The Holy Treasure is an action-adventure platformer in which the player controls a ball that must roll to the divine treasure.

The divine relic is in peril! The warriors took it and fled. Engage in a thrilling journey to assist in retrieving the ball. There are treacherous traps, stinging spikes, and lethal knives, but the balls are courageous. The riddle is difficult to solve, yet the ball is quite intelligent. A story-like adventure; join the action and assist them.

Jungle, Mining, and Temple offer a total of 45 levels across three distinct worlds. Overcome puzzles and missions throughout your travels. Occasionally, you will need to move boxes to reach higher platforms or trigger mechanisms in order to progress. Avoid falling into the abyss and reach your destination without incident. Earn coins throughout the stages and use them to purchase ball skins. How about a ball shaped like a mummy or a superhero?


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