Beat Line is a musical and skill-based game that will amuse you for hours! Music can make even the most unpleasant tasks more bearable, but did you know that in this game, the beat will help you finish the levels?

Move down a line in rhythm with the beat of electronic music and tap at the precise moment when the line's direction changes to take turns. The routes will be determined by the rhythm and beats of the music you are listening to; the line will frequently change direction, and sometimes the entire screen will rotate. Focus on the music in order to tap at the appropriate time. When a player completes a level, they are granted access to the following level, which features fresh music. Beat Line features 16 progressively difficult difficulty levels. The emeralds you acquire during your attempts will allow you to purchase new character skins.


  • Stunningly simple and vivid visuals
  • A variety of pretty amazing musical selections
  • Game mechanics that are simple and quick to play
  • Multiple unlockable skins

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