A criminal act has taken place in Catch The Thief. One player is the robber, while the other is the detective. Throughout his board, the criminal manipulates his detective's position.Because it is concealed, the detective cannot see the thief's side of the board. To win the game, the detective attempts to deduce the movements of the thief's pawn and eventually apprehend him.

Locate thieves and then halt them in their tracks. Utilize your ability to super-jump to leap from platform to platform and pursue these vile criminals as they attempt to flee with the hard-earned money of all citizens. The task is not simple, but it must be completed. These villains don't care about the norms that make this a fair and just society, so it's up to you to put a stop to their evil deeds in the only manner you know how: by jumping and firing. In this red-hot platformer, jump and fire your freeze pistol to administer icy punishment.

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