Cursed Treasure is a fun tower-defense game. Using towers, you are tasked with defending your base from opposing assaults. You have a multitude of towers that will help you defend your jewels against theft. You take on the role of the antagonist, a mighty overlord who commands armies of zombies, demons, and orcs.

Your priority is protecting your base, which necessitates the construction of towers along the road. You only need to place each tower on an empty tile for it to shoot at the opponents. Some of the towers disable foes, while others maintain an offensive presence or slow them down.

You can also perform spells in Cursed Treasure that can assist you in hurling meteors, boosting the strength of your towers, and chopping down forests. These spells necessitate mana, which is replenished over time. If you wish to win, you must have at least a single gem remaining. You will be very pleased by the gameplay and unique obstacles in each level, which require you to test your abilities and improve them in novel ways.

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