The puzzle game Drift To Right is a 3D arcade game. Are you a good drifter? If you're not sure how good you are at drifting, why not practice now? Your main goal is to finish the bend by driving the path that the game gives you. Feel the thrill of floating and do a good job of making the turn. You have no idea what the next convergence is, so pay attention, drive a good car, and come play this game, Drift to Right!

In this exciting dash-and-jump arcade game, you have to hurry to get the best score. You can only float to one side, so be careful not to stretch too far and fall! The track is laid out clearly in front of you, so stay aware and react quickly to get to the top of the leaderboard and leave everyone else in your dust. Can you handle this sharp turn without making a mistake? The directions in this game will help you figure out how to turn and get better at driving over time.

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