The mind-blowing surprise in Fall Cars, a two-player automobile racing game, is sure to keep you captivated for hours. This action platformer has you controlling a car through a colorful 3D world full of deadly traps and moving objects. In this competition, success is measured not by crossing the finish line first but by enduring the longest. Because the ground is made up of hexagons that collapse when stepped on, you can easily traverse the area by just going in a circle. As soon as you hit the ground, there are still several levels for you to explore; your only goal should be to keep exploring until all other players have also fallen. Successfully completing the course and crossing the finish line first will earn you a reward and allow you to purchase a better vehicle. Many enhancements are available, as is the option to upgrade to a new and more potent mode of transportation. Acquire a whole fleet of cars and dominate the virtual racing world.

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