Fall Guys Sonic: Knockout Royale is a challenging online multiplayer game for you. Conquer crazy barriers alongside dozens of other mobile opponents online. In order to win the championship, you must sprint to the finish line.

Run, race, slide, jump, tumble, flip, punch, and smash through insane obstacles with dozens of other mobile and online competitors. Boys, females, tall children, little children, funny children, odd adolescents—everyone is welcome; run and have fun! idiot in this race to the finish. Run Stumbling Guys vs. Sonic is a fantastically chaotic obstacle-course game. Be the sole survivor in this game by knocking out your opponents. Run, stumble, and be on the lookout for hazards that are both mobile and stationary. Our Sonic is absolutely free. In this game, Sonic's opponents and teammates are your greatest adversaries. They will try whatever they can to get rid of you in order to win the race for free soft drinks.


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