In Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero, you'll be fighting your way through a busy city where hostile invaders are always lurking. You must track them down and eliminate them.

Now is your chance to step up and save the day. Your identity needs your help to stop the villains that want to take over the world. The fate of Earth hangs in the balance unless you can assist him in taming them. A powerful bazooka can be used to wipe out any remaining attackers, but you'll need to utilize your innate sniper skills to calculate the angle and direct the rocket's trajectory to the exact spot where your adversaries are located on each tower. After slaying a foe, you'll be rewarded with a pile of cash that can be spent on a variety of amusing garb. Aim and shoot by calculating the angle with the mouse or by touching the screen on mobile devices. Keep an eye on your aim and don't pass up any opportunities. Start the game and save the world!


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