The popular game Fall Race has a follow-up called Fall Race Season 2. Fight with people from everywhere in the world. Avoid every obstacle, and when the game is over, wave your hands. Your avatar and others' are controlled by funny colors and happy music in the background. This colorful deathmatch is fun and gives you bragging rights. You can choose from 15 different character skins to kick pixelated asses in style. In this battle royale with never-ending obstacles, 30 people are trying to win the top prize. Move through doors that fall and posts that push you around. Try to show the other players who the king is by twisting and turning. Padded walls will also be a problem because you won't be able to move and will lose time while other people are running to the finish line. If you qualify, you can drive to the top and earn diamonds. You can use purple or orange diamonds to change your skin color. Well, you can have that and show off that everyone is talking about you.

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