A great IO game, Fallerz.io takes its inspiration from the popular Fall Guys game. A player who reaches the finish line first among all other players wins.

You have entered Fallerz, a realm unlike any other. Columns of spikes grow out of the ground as you walk through them, while the landscape itself is constantly shifting and becoming more dangerous as you progress. Firstly, turn your head to the right, and then to the left. What you just witnessed is an army of enemies that must be vanquished or outlived if you are to achieve triumph. In this game, you are always in direct competition with everyone you see, and some stages will demand that you physically knock other players out of the way while others will force you to simply outlast them. As much as this may resemble a free-for-all arena shooter, there are no bonuses or power-ups to help you in this one—just you and them. If you don't take the crown and become an unrivaled victor, you'll be cast into the void. Nothing else matters except how well you can fight to the death against your adversaries. It's time to start fighting and falling in the free iogame Fallerz.io.


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