Idle Island is an adventure game that will take you on an expedition. During another voyage, your ship was caught in a violent storm, which caused your ship to sink along with the entire crew. You managed to escape by some miracle, thanks to a small, homemade raft that washed up on a mysterious island by chance. Locals will welcome you into their society if you help them rebuild their village, which was wrecked by a massive tsunami. Gather resources, construct bridges, and combat villains to save the princess. Visit the gorgeous island and encounter unexpected difficulties along the way. Begin your journey now and become the hero the island requires!


  • Make your own city.
  • Mode for augmented reality
  • Completing quests, earning rewards, and achieving goals
  • Idle mechanics and cash even when offline
  • Administer up to 10 cities.

How To Play

Easy control with the mouse or keyboard with the wasd and arrow keys. Your goal is to take revenge on your nemesis and free the princess!

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