Let’s destroy the Dahmer in Kick The Dahmer! He must be punished for the murders he has committed. Feel free to torment him in any way you see fit! Don't hold back your wrath from the person responsible for the deaths of so many innocents.

You can click the inmate anywhere on his body to deal harm, and when you've collected enough coins to buy weapons, you can use them by holding them at a safe distance from the inmate. If you deal more harm, you will receive more gold. You can buy guns, seesaws, knives, hammers, and other weapons to use against him, or you can simply drag him away and force him to hit the walls of his cage. If you click repeatedly without missing your target, you'll inflict more damage and rack up combos, both of which increase your damage output and your earnings.

Control: You'll simply need the mouse to play.

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