Kogama Longest Stair is a straightforward but entertaining game.The objective of this game is to race up the stairs and be the first player to reach the flagpole. However, ascending these stairs requires not just speed, but also muscle and stamina. Do you possess the necessary skills to emerge victorious from this game?

If you are terrified of heights, you may want to avoid looking down. It is ready to commence! Using the WASD keys will allow you to maneuver your character. Ascend the stairway quickly. Other players from throughout the globe will attempt to reach the flag before you do. Therefore, do not stop until you reach the summit, and do not allow them to catch up to you. You must proceed carefully because this flagpole is located in the midst of the ocean, and if you slip off the stairs, you will be immediately submerged in the ocean. You must now just commit suicide.

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