Get ready for hockey by sharpening your skates, putting on your jersey, and picking up a stick. The fun of hockey is taken to a whole new level in Puppet Hockey games. What kind of stars will you have on your team?

This is not just pond hockey, but a tournament of the highest caliber. Prepare to train overtime, practice slapshots, no-foots body checks, and cross checks, strive for the top shelf, and continue to score!

How to play

Choose a nation and assist them in winning the World Hockey Championship. Skate, leap, and take a shot. Use quick reflexes and impeccable timing to score a goal. Retract and defend the goal against the opponent's shots. The team with the most points at the conclusion of the 60-second match is the victor. Your hockey team may win the global championship. Grab your hockey stick and hit the rink!


To play, tap or click the arrow. Choose your team. Use the left and right arrows to navigate back and forth in the game. The up arrow is used to jump. To move your hockey stick and score, press "F." Compete with the clock and win!


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