Rabbids Wild Race is a humorous multiplayer racing game in which you must guide your jetpack-equipped Rabbid to the finish line. Collect cash and stars while evading other wild and mischievous rabbits that are attempting to stop you.



How To Play

This Ubisoft arcade game features the infamously disorderly Rabbids from the Rayman spinoff series. In this jetpack-powered aerial competition, players compete to reach the finish line first. As criminally unorganized as ever, this disorderly rivalry is filled with all manner of illegal deceit and evil.

It's easy to get lost in the swarm of flying rabbits, so keep a close eye on your rabbit as it dips and dodges obstacles. Be careful of the aggressive Rabbids with blowtorches and plasma cannons who are trying to kill all the players, and get shields that let you jump over other players to get ahead.

Avoid the red platforms, which will slow you down, and leap onto the green ones, which will put you ahead of the competition. Collect more jetpack fuel and other boosters, as well as stars and coins, to buy new characters and jetpacks from the store.

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