Play Roller Ball Adventure, a fun platformer with great physics and a wide variety of challenging levels. Roll and leap over dangerous areas and gather stars. Visit new areas and jump on your irate foes to capture them all.

Through rolling, leaping, and bouncing, players can progress through the game's one hundred action-packed stages.

The evil minions are trying to force the earth into a square. Here to save the day is the red bounce ball. You must use your rolling and jumping skills to make your way through a perilous factory, slaying adversaries and evading laser fire. Can you prevent the Earth from becoming square? Guide the red bounce ball to his objective with the arrow keys, destroying the stars along the way. Keep an eye out for intruders! Attacking them immediately is an excellent strategy. The opposite of enjoyable is being cornered and hit. Navigate a mechanical wasteland by rolling, jumping, and bouncing the red rollerball. Your objective is to eliminate the bad squares and collect the stars. Dangerous moving lasers are installed in some areas. Have the utmost precision when rolling to ensure a risk-free journey through each zone.

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