In Santa Delivery, you have to guide Santa's sleigh to people's homes so he can bring them gifts. Stay away from the snowmen who are trying to slow down Santa by chasing after him. You can use the coins you get from delivering gifts and picking up coins on the board to improve the sleigh in the garage. You can go to the garage from the main menu or by clicking the star icon on the Game Over panel. Santa should stay away from the tops of the Christmas trees and not let the snowmen catch him. Getting hearts will make your health go up, and getting lightning bolts will give you more speed bursts. Once you get all of the upgrades to their highest level, your job is done, and Santa can go out and deliver gifts all over the world. Hints: At the beginning of the game, when the sleigh isn't upgraded, it's hard to get money. So, once you have 100 coins, it's best to spend them on speed upgrades, which make it easier to get away from the snowmen. Get the snowmen to crash into the tops of the Christmas trees to get rid of them.

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