Sniper Clash 3D is a very engaging 3D shooting game! A multiplayer game in which the objective is to defeat all other online players. Become a covert agent and defend yourself with a sniper to penetrate and seize the loot of the nasty nomads of the desert.

In this game, you control a figure armed with a lethal weapon. Your objective is to capture and return the captain's flag to your base. Use a tactical strategy and combat system! Infiltrate and take artifacts from bad deserters as a sniper on a covert mission. Aim and fire a lethal shot. Surviving the storm in the desert, surrounded by thriving palm trees as the sun sets Attempt to lead your team to victory in this insane online shooting game by defending your flag from enemy capture or claiming the flags of other teams. As you perfect your sniper skills, you must win, capture flags for points, and aim to top the scoreboard.

How To Play

WASD - movement, SPACE - jump, TAB - score table, C - crouch, RMB - zoom

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