Start to engage in iceberg-based multiplayer combat. Try to make it to the conclusion of the game to win and gain new skins for your character.

This engaging game will provide you with numerous memorable encounters. You may immerse yourself in the 3D world and appreciate the expansive ocean view. Additionally, the multiplayer mode increases your excitement.

You will control your automobile in this game. The longer you move, the larger snowballs you will create. To produce snowballs, you must press and hold the left mouse button while dragging the cursor. When you release the left mouse button, you can then throw this snowball towards other players. Try to knock your opponents off the iceberg and become the last player on the map to survive. In addition, you must protect yourself by avoiding your opponent's snowballs. Note that the iceberg can potentially collapse. Before the area collapses, it will turn red to warn you.

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