Stumble Boys Match is one of the greatest new multiplayer action games, and it has players from all over the world who will strive to stumble their way to victory in a game that is fun, amusing, and guaranteed to be incredibly exciting.

Each knockout round in this 3D action game begins with up to 32 players. There will be a choice of a challenge or obstacle course at random. To survive each match, try to fulfill the task at hand as quickly as you can. The game will end when only a small number of players have finished the level. Only those that succeed advance to the following round.

There are obstacle courses where you must avoid moving objects and other dangerous equipment intended to knock players unconscious or sweep them off the route. You'll have to avoid and move around many dangers, such as cannonballs that swing and roll, huge cylinders that roll, tiles that tilt, sliding doors, spinning beams, and more.

Other levels require you to avoid falling tiles or to pass a lit-fuse bomb to another player while avoiding getting it handed back to you. If your guy trips or runs into something, they'll get knocked down or pushed back, which will let other people catch up to you. You might even completely exhaust yourself at times! Can you discover the secret to winning every game?

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