Escape Masters is a tunnel-digging game in which you assist criminals in escaping from prison. Drag your mouse to dig soil, gather keys and gold along the way, and reach an escape vehicle at the end of each journey.

Escape from the prison with your friends and enjoy the fantastic underground adventure. To free the hero from prison, you must dig a tunnel in the sand. Try to dig it in such a way that the hero can collect gold, keys, and other helpful objects. With each stage, the task becomes more difficult, and you must devise increasingly complex ideas for the future tunnel. Complete 24 interesting stages while avoiding spikes, boxes, explosives, water, and the guards in order to reach the truck and escape. Save as many pals as you can while collecting gold and keys to complete all of the stages to the best of your ability in this spectacular and hectic escape. Don't abandon your buddies and flee for your life.

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