The latest and greatest knockout game is the Ultimate Knockout Race. Compete with other guys and be the first in every race. Be careful not to lose your balance or accidentally crash into anything. If you want to get over the challenges, trust your instincts. If you want trophies, you need to win every race. Each competitor in the race is rugged and quick. You'll need to beat everyone else to it.

How to play

  • Up to 50 male competitors can take on the knockout race.
  • You'll need to run, jump, and dash your way to the end while avoiding traps and obstacles if you want to be the last man remaining. Dropping off the cliff will knock you out cold! Men who are the first to cross the finish line are automatically included in the competition; nevertheless, many of them will be knocked out and eliminated along the way.
  • Play multiplayer minigames, including obstacle courses and elimination games, which can last up to five rounds. To become the ultimate champion, make it to the end first!

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