In Winter Clash 3D adventure, you will return to a snowy, enchanted land and fight during the coldest time of year! With no adversary or barriers in your way, become the best Santa Claus shooter and save Christmas.

The bad elves intend to take control of Santa's secret lair. They are attempting to summon the Pagan idol known as the Slavic witch Baba Yaga (Baba Yaga). If this occurs, you will be in serious danger! Make it impossible for them to do so by taking care of your Christmas preparations well in advance and keeping everyone at home pleased until the holiday arrives. In a brand-new, obliterating team shooter, you can become the strongest soldier. You will need to know how to utilize your weapon and protect yourself in Winter Clash 3D. Stay vigilant, as your foes are also formidable; do not allow this to occur.

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