Enjoy the endless fun with Kipas Guys, a free casual multiplayer game where players compete against each other in many chaotic mini games! Known as a duplicate of Stumble Guys, Kipas Guy also allows you to play with up to 32 players in an arena full of obstacles. There is only one winner who passes all the challenges and beats all the opponents. You can have fun with your friends or any players you meet online. 

This action spin-off adds a long list of cheats and tricks that help players completely enjoy the game. In team mode, you will be able to use custom maps, choose levels to play through, or play solo. There are also many unlimited dashes, unlocking all skins and emojis. Kipas Guys offers many challenges and is full of fun. Each mini-game has different ways to control it that put your skills and reflexes to the test. If you fall, just stand up again and run. Join in the endless fun!


  • More than 120 skins to change the look of your character. 
  • Run, jump and slide past opponents. 
  • Overcome deadly obstacles
  • Multiplayer battle royale
  • Colorful and whimsical 3D graphics 
  • Lots of customization options. 
  • Fun and chaotic mini-games 
  • Hilarious physical comedy 
  • Endless respawn

Kipas Guys Minigames

A match in Kipas Guys is divided into 3-7 rounds. Each round will be a unique mini-game that belongs to one of the 4 groups below. 

  • Races: Your mission is to control your character to run, jump, slide, avoid obstacles, and reach the finish line. Each mini game offers different challenges, such as jumping through space lanes, avoiding moving walls, jumping over dynamic platforms, etc., You must try to be the first one to reach the finish line. 
  • Survival: These mini-games challenge the player's many movement skills. For example, some levels require you to avoid obstacles, jump over spinning beams to avoid falling into the pool, and more. Your ultimate goal is to stay as long as possible. 
  • Hunt: These mini-games test your reflexes. You will move to an elected position to catch the objects. 
  • Team: This is when you have to work together. There are lots of team games such as football, basketball, catch the flag, etc. You will coordinate with your teammates to score and win.

How To Play


Kipas Guys uses the rules of battle royale gameplay. It's a knockout match between you and other players. No matter how you complete the challenges, only the last standing person in the arena will be the winner.

A battle has 3–7 rounds randomly divided into different levels, including survival, pursuit, party, etc. Each round is a minigame with a limited time and number of players. When there are enough players for the next round, the remaining players will be eliminated. 


Click "Play" and get started with any random player. 

When the timer counts down to 0, it's time to race with other opponents and try to get a ticket to the next round. 

The controls are super simple. One button to move and one button to run, jump, or slide through the obstacles.

How to play Kipas Guys with your friends 

  • Press "Party" in the right corner of the home screen. 
  • Choose Create Party to create a private room and invite your friends. 
  • Send the room code number to your friends so they can join the room. 
  • Press "Play" to start looking for a match.

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